Help to deal with housing problems

Free legal advice for housing problems

You can get free legal advice under a new government scheme if you have received a written notice that someone is seeking the possession of your home. This might be an email or letter from your landlord or from a company you owe money to, known as a creditor. You can also get advice and representation if you need to go to court.

A housing expert may be able to help with

  • illegal eviction
  • disrepair and other problems with housing conditions
  • rent arrears
  • mortgage arrears
  • welfare benefits payments
  • debt

To find an adviser who can help you via this scheme, go to Put in your postcode and then tick the box ‘Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service’

We want everyone to have the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to be able to access somewhere to live that is safe and affordable. The guides on this page will help you to understand your housing rights.

If you are looking for help to understand renter's rights or tenant's protections you are in the right place. The guides below show you what to do if you get a section 21 notice, what to do if you may become homeless or are homeless and how to challenge a local authority's decision about a homelessness application, how to navigate the right to rent checks or how to deal with disrepair, and explain what you need to know about getting a guarantor and what to do if you can't get a guarantor. We also have a short guide to help you understand more about emergency and temporary accommodation rights

If you are looking for help to get an occupation order following domestic violence, see the Help with family problems page.

If you are looking for help to support clients with their housing and homelessness problems go to Support your clients with housing problems on the 'Our other work' section of this site.