Help to deal with benefit problems

We want to help you get the correct amount of benefits. Here we show you what to do if you have been given an incorrect decision and how to do it, even if you haven't got an adviser to help.

If you get turned down for PIP or do not get the award you thought you were entitled to, please challenge the PIP decision. We have created a tool that makes asking for a PIP mandatory reconsideration easy and even writes a letter that sets out your case for you. Claimants who have used our tool to ask for a  PIP MR  are twice as likely to get the decision changed at the earliest stage than those who haven't. If your  PIP mandatory reconsideration isn't successful, please make sure you appeal as 59% of appeals are successful and only 1% of appeals include any new evidence. See our PIP appeal guide to improve your chances of winning. 

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If you've been given an unfair decision about a Disability Living Allowance claim for a child, please ask for a DLA mandatory reconsideration using our tool. If your  DLA MR isn't successful, please make sure you appeal using our DLA appeal guide.

If you have been contacted by the DWP and 'offered' a new award after asking for an appeal we want to hear from you. See Have you been contacted by DWP.

If you get turned down for ESA or the work capability element  of Universal credit, ask for a universal credit mandatory reconsideration  or ESA mandatory reconsideration using our easy tool.  If it is not successful please ask for a work capability assessment appeal using our guide. Our newest tool even writes a submission for the tribunal for you if you are appealing a Universal Credit decision about whether you are well enough to work or not. 

We also explain what to do if you get a benefit sanction. And what counts as living with a partner for benefit purposes, and what to do if the DWP believe you are living with a partner when you are not

All our guides aim not to just tell you what you need to do but help you with the confidence and skills you need too.